A downloadable AnceriddlotBM for Windows

[ This game is currently in development ]

This is an unfinished game. Currently you can only try the prototype.

Anceridd™: Legend of the Beast Moon is a fantasy RPG recommended for teens.

Play as one of two heroes on a quest to defeat an ancient evil and save the world! Sounds familiar eh? Well in this RPG there is no levelling system!

Different weapons have different effects!

Boss battles are crazy!

Game contains:

Fantasy Violence

Comic Mischief

Alcohol Reference

Mild Swearing

Partial Nudity


Battle beasts you meet along the way with your beast and adventure through multiple towns, areas, and forests!

No confusing levelling system so there's no need to grind beasts!

This RPG is all about the story and the characters you meet along your journey!


Anceridd™: Legend of the Beast Moon © 2015 - ??? Anti Eye Craft Gaming™

Install instructions

Follow the instructions on the download installer.


CWAnceriddPrototype.exe (7 MB)